We’re hiring a Data Scientist, Telematics in Columbus, OH

About the Company
Root Insurance is the world's first mobile-only, usage-based-insurance-only car insurance company! Located in Columbus, Ohio, Root was founded in 2015 with the goal of solving the following problem: good drivers pay FAR too much for car insurance. If the sensors in your smartphone prove to us that you are a safe driver, then we will give you an unbeatable price, which we can afford to do since we don't sell insurance to dangerous drivers. Other guiding principles at Root are the improvement of UX via extensive testing, and the achievement of efficiency through modern technology and paradigms. Root currently has around 600 employees, but we are growing very rapidly! Root is an exciting, happy, inclusive place to work, where you are free to be yourself. Employment at Root includes a competitive benefits package including a flexible vacation policy, a 401K with partial company match, paid health insurance for the employee, etc. Root has raised almost $200 million in venture capital funding to date, and we recently closed our Series D, raising $100 million in capital at a $1 billion valuation in August 2018.

The Job
Root is seeking a data scientist for the telematics team to help build insurance pricing from smartphone sensor data. The ideal candidate will have experience working with time-series sensor data (especially accelerometer/gyroscope), including data acquisition, processing, and applying machine learning models, as well as the ability to pull data from new sources and quickly evaluate its efficacy.

Key Problems Include:

  • Improving our telematics algorithms:
  • inferring brakes, turns, and distracted driving from sensor data / distinguishing driver from passenger and other modes of transit / other new and interesting features predictive of driving risk
  • Identifying, evaluating, and productionizing new data sources (e.g. geospatial data, web scraping, cell phone sensors)
  • Building anomaly detection models to determine unexpected trends in data, issues with data quality, etc.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Strong programming skills, especially Python and R
  • Advanced background in signal processing, including sensor data, time series methods, filtering, etc.
  • Experience with at least some of the following: geospatial data tools, web scraping, merging with large external data sources
  • Demonstrated experience in building, validating, and leveraging machine learning models
  • 2+ years of industry experience building predictive models OR graduate-level research in a relevant area to telematics

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's degree or Ph.D. in mathematics, physical sciences, engineering, or other technical discipline
  • Experience with sensor fusion, in particular using mobile sensor data and corresponding APIs (e.g. iOS core motion/location)
  • 3+ years of industry experience building predictive models
  • Experience using big data tools (e.g. Hadoop, Spark) and cloud computing (AWS preferred)
  • Experience with version control (git/GitHub preferred)
  • Advanced knowledge of physics, linear algebra, probability/statistics

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Finding the right people to help us build Root is a top priority. Whether you would like to explore the possibility of working together or simply learn more about the position, we’d love to hear from you!

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