We’re hiring a Data Scientist, Telematics in Columbus, OH

Telematics is at the heart of our product; it’s how we develop a deeper understanding of our customers’ risks in order to competitively price our premiums. Our telematics data scientists are the minds behind the algorithms used to predict the risk of a driver. Diving into our immense pool of sensor data, they research and design new features to enhance our scoring models. They theorize new sources of information to pull from and how we can blend them with what we have, continuously improving our understanding of a driver’s risk.

Root is seeking a data scientist for our telematics team to help determine insurance pricing through the utilization of smartphone sensor data. In this role, you’ll work with time-series sensor data (especially accelerometer/gyroscope) in order to determine risky driving behavior, running these results through a series of algorithms to create our driving score. This role will be heavily involved with data acquisition, processing, and application of machine learning models, as well as pulling data from both new and familiar sources to quickly evaluate its efficacy.


  • Improving our telematics algorithms
  • Inferring brakes, turns, and distracted driving from sensor data / distinguishing driver from passenger and other modes of transit / other new and interesting features predictive of driving risk
  • Identifying, evaluating, and productionizing new data sources (e.g. geospatial data, web scraping, cell phone sensors)
  • Building anomaly detection models to determine unexpected trends in data, issues with data quality, etc.


  • 2+ years industry experience building predictive models in statistics, physical sciences, engineering, or other technical disciplines OR graduate-level research in relevant fields
  • Strong programming skills (preference of Python OR R)
  • Advanced background in signal processing, including sensor data, time series methods, filtering, etc
  • Experience with at least some of the following: geospatial data tools, web scraping, merging with large external data sources
  • Demonstrated experience in building, validating, and leveraging machine learning models


  • Experience with sensor fusion, in particular using mobile sensor data and corresponding APIs (e.g. iOS core motion/location)
  • Experience using big data tools (e.g. Hadoop, Spark) and cloud computing (AWS preferred)
  • Experience with version control (git/GitHub preferred)
  • Advanced knowledge of physics, linear algebra, probability/statistics

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