We’re hiring an Actuarial Intern in Columbus, OH

About the company
Root Insurance is the world's first mobile-only, usage-based-insurance-only car insurance company! Located in Columbus, Ohio, Root was founded in 2015 with the goal of solving the following problem: good drivers pay FAR too much for car insurance. If the sensors in your smartphone prove to us that you are a safe driver, then we will give you an unbeatable price, which we can afford to do since we don't sell insurance to dangerous drivers. Other guiding principles at Root are the improvement of UX via extensive testing, and the achievement of efficiency through modern technology and paradigms including AI and machine learning.

Job description
We’re rapidly growing and expanding into new markets. In this role, you will be building our pricing models from the ground-up and expanding our monitoring/analysis capabilities.


  • Roll-out and develop/automate reporting processes for analysis
  • Use statistical models to develop rating plans and recommendations for pricing improvement
  • Evaluate and analyze market data to make competitive strategic decisions
  • Learn insurance financials and strategy

Minimum Requirements

  • Graduation expected within 12 months of start date
  • 1 actuarial exam
  • Basic R or SQL skills
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • Demonstrable basic knowledge in statistical analysis


  • 2 or more actuarial exams
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in an applicable area
  • Prior insurance experience

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Finding the right people to help us build Root is a top priority. Whether you would like to explore the possibility of working together or simply learn more about the position, we’d love to hear from you!

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