We’re hiring a Visual/Conceptual Design Lead in Columbus, OH

The company
Root is a company of 175 and (mindfully) growing. In March of 2015, we set out to build an insurance solution that did two things: 1) gave an unprecedented easy user experience and 2) used modern data to more accurately predict risk. We created a mobile car insurance app, and we changed the entire industry in the process.

The culture
Root is a venture-backed technology company. Our early signs of success are in large part due to our unwavering standards in hiring. We recognize that our product is only as good as the people building it. We look for individuals who can find solutions by going through the cycle of ideation to implementation with curiosity and rigor. We expect every team member to lead with empathy and respect.

The team
This position is a key role within our Creative Team. Following a recent rebrand, the team is focused on delivering the brand in clear, bold, void-of-jargon-and-cliche communications. We’ve set out to redefine an entire industry. We’re well on our way, mostly because we’re nothing like any of our peers. We’re looking for a person to create visual concepts and campaigns that do the same.

The role
This role is crucial to shaping the way Root is positioned to prospective customers all over the country. It requires someone with a high-aesthetic, top-notch design skills, and the ability to develop and translate big ideas into actionable tactics across many different channels. The role will work together with a Creative Director/Writer in a small studio to develop campaigns that push the envelope. These campaigns will be made real every quarter, all with the goal of bringing awareness of Root to the masses.

The ideal candidate understands the difference between big ideas and tactical executions and is proficient in concepting and creating for both. They are medium agnostic because they understand that smart ideas transcend channels—working in digital, mobile, print, and environmental at any given time.

They are always up-to-date, continually learning, and consistently in tune with current trends, technology, culture and social media.

The candidate should be comfortable concepting a range of tactics including PR stunts, guerrilla marketing, omnichannel campaigns, and environmental activations. Most importantly, they’re excited about bringing fresh ideas to a startup that aims to completely disrupt an archaic industry.

The skills

  • Tight, clean, smart design skills
  • Thinks strategically before creating anything
  • Stays current with trends and tech
  • Ability to lead other creatives as the team scales for larger scopes
  • Loves the idea of tweaking, testing, and improving
  • Asks WHY a lotGenerates endless ideas
  • Lives for great insights that can spark an entire campaign
  • Creates work that makes people feel and take action
  • Collaborates across multiple departments
  • Thinks big and works scrappy
  • Is annoyed by cliche ideas
  • Can intelligently discuss Game of Thrones and Arrested Development in any given conversation

The details

  • Candidate should be a seasoned creative, with 7+ years experience at agencies, design firms, or in-house.
  • The role reports to the Chief Creative Officer.

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Finding the right people to help us build Root is a top priority. Whether you would like to explore the possibility of working together or simply learn more about the position, we’d love to hear from you!

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