We’re hiring a Copy Manager in Columbus, OH

The company: Root is a company of 150 and (mindfully) growing. In March of 2015, we set out to build an insurance solution that did two things: 1) gave an unprecedented easy user experience and 2) used modern data to more accurately predict risk. We created a mobile car insurance app, and we changed the entire industry in the process.

The culture: Root is a venture-backed technology company. Our early signs of success are in large part due to our unwavering standards in hiring. We recognize that our product is only as good as the people building it. We look for individuals who can find solutions by going through the cycle of ideation to implementation with curiosity and rigor. We expect every team member to lead with empathy and respect.

We are rewriting the rules of insurance and we’re looking for a Copy Manager who is up for the challenge of bringing our evolved voice to life.

The role: Insurance is a complicated industry. Root is simplifying it by leaps and bounds, but we need a Copy Manager who can guide our copy team in sharing our story in simple, compelling, and memorable ways. We’re looking for a Copy Manager who has experience managing a team, helping to shape how they approach each project and also offering writing and editing guidance. The team, which will soon grow to five writers, handles both long and short content for a variety of assets, including customer communications, the app experience, ads, videos, campaigns, blogs, social posts, events, and more.

This position is a key member and leader of the creative team, and will work hand-in-hand with the Marketing and Product leads to develop strategy, ideas, and content for performance marketing, diversified channel tactics, and the app itself. Additionally, the Copy Manager will partner with our Design Program Manager to make sure assignments flow through the department in a timely manner, all while allowing the right amount of time and space to do each project right.

The Root voice: All of our brand experiences mirror the app that started it all: bold, human-centric, easy. Therefore, the Root voice is simple, direct, and approachable. Yes, we throw in a joke here or there, but it’s always well-placed. We’d rather have one smart-funny (never just funny) line than a bunch of chuckles throughout a piece of content. And we never settle for easy puns, we’re much smart-funnier than that. The insurance industry is riddled with clichés and expected lines. We pride ourselves on rising above that.

Additionally, our writers are expected to have a keen sense of our business goals and directly translate how content can help achieve those goals. The Copy Manager will ensure this is a focal point throughout the creative process.

This role reports to the Chief Creative Officer.

Skill sets required:
Grammar expert
Tight writer
Data lover (Our company was founded on data; our job is to translate that to our potential and current policyholders.)
Part-time strategist (Notice it doesn’t say “strategic thinker.” Of course you’re a strategic thinker, but Root writers connect all of their content back to strategy. And if for some reason there isn’t a strategy to be found, they’re quick to get the right people in the room to make it happen.)
7-10 years of relevant writing/editing experience in a creative environment
Strong proofreading skills
A solid knowledge of copywriting best practices for mobile development, web, and social
A keen business sense for crafting and editing content that performs

Key responsibilities:
Lead the copy team through meetings and one-on-ones to review workloads, challenges, upcoming assignments, and to assist in brainstorming, as needed. Support and grow the skills and individual goals of each writer, serving as their manager, mentor, and go-to-problem-solver. Serve as the point of contact for copy questions and as the editor for all major content pieces. Be an additional writing resource as needed.

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