We’re hiring a Director of Product Design in Columbus, OH

This job description may seem like it describes a specific person, but it’s really just a list of qualities that the ideal candidate could have. At Root, we believe diverse teams build better products. That’s why we’re  looking for a Director of Product Design who not only contributes hard skills, but also offers a greater  perspective—challenging our team to offer Root members the best customer experience possible. Very few people, if any, will demonstrate every trait listed below. What matters is that you identify with some of the qualities we esteem, and even more importantly,  that you’re passionate about building products that solve real problems. 

What you’ll do

Empower a team of Product Designers.
You’ll coach Product Designers as they navigate ownership of their respective app focus.. We don’t expect you to manage schedules.  Instead, you’ll mentor and provide feedback as each designer  drives their team’s product roadmap. 

Be the voice of product design with cross-functional directors.
You’ll build strong relationships with your counterparts—from product management, engineering, and beyond—to help guide and evolve our product development process.  

Drive product strategy.
Work with your cross-functional leadership  to ensure that everything we build is solving a problem for our users. You’ll help designers effectively identify user obstacles and determine a strategy for resolving these problems—all while measuring the impact of these changes on the greater business. 

Learn and evolve. 
From leadership skills and design craft, to research and  industry market trends,you’re excited by the  opportunity to  challenge, grow, and learn new things. 

About Product Designers at Root

We deeply empathize with our members.
We put every effort into understanding what Root members need. Our collective backgrounds offer a strong foundational platform  for understanding and improving user experience. What we don’t know, we learn through qualitative and quantitative research, analyzing previous test results, competitive analysis, and whatever other tools we can think of.

We solve business problems.
We internalize business needs and ship products that solve those needs. We understand how to focus on a core hypothesis and don’t get distracted by features that detract from that goal.

We have strong opinions, weakly held. 
We express our opinions passionately, but we’re equally open to changing those opinions in the face of new data. We are a respectful debaters who challenge our colleagues and we  consider alternative viewpoints. 

We are biased towards action.
We think the best way to validate a hypothesis is to try it out. So, we skip long winded, cyclical debates (or overwrought research) and immediately build a solution. We learn quickly from the results of experiments and apply those learnings to our future work. We work our way toward the future by shipping projects that build on larger ideas.

Some of the things Root Product Designers do:
- Help to define product strategy and roadmaps.
- Process the results of A/B tests and user research.
- Create beautiful interfaces using an expertise in layout and typography. 
- Distill complex problems into easy to understand user flows and wireframes.
- Learn everything there is to know about the insurance industry.
- Work closely with partners in engineering and product management.
- Present work to leadership, as well as peers across the company.
- Conduct research to vet ideas before building them.
- Build interactive or motion prototypes.
- Facilitate collaborative design with partners in and out of the product design team.
- Design systems that make building a beautiful, consistent product even easier.

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