We’re hiring an UX/UI Writer in Columbus, OH

We are rewriting the rules of insurance and we’re looking for a UX/UI Product Writer who is up for the challenge of bringing our evolved voice to life.

“Product” Writer can mean different things to different people. Here’s what it means at Root. Our Product Writers are responsible for all content within the Root app. Additionally, they create the communications that support and drive to the app. Product writing experience is preferred, but if you have a passion for words, can write succinctly and clearly, and can use words to break down complicated concepts and make them easy to understand, then deep down, there may be a product writer waiting to break out. 

The team
Root’s product design team is on a mission to unbreak the insurance industry. We’re a tight-knit, collaborative group guided by a highly iterative, user-centered design process. With insights gained through testing, data, and thoughtful critique, we’re driving the strategy that grows our business and will change the insurance industry.

The role
The voice of Root (that’s you)
As an app writer, you are the voice of the app, the core of our business. Your words are seen by every person who tries Root. Your words matter, and as a product writer you have the opportunity to have a real impact on the business. Root isn’t a typical insurance company. We’re not stuffy, boring, or traditional. We never want insurance to feel scary, overwhelming, hard, or a nuisance. And it’s the app writer’s job to be sure we never do.

The Root voice (this is what you’ll write)
All of our brand experiences mirror the app that started it all: bold, human-centric, easy. Therefore, the Root voice is simple, direct, and approachable. Yes, we throw in a joke here or there, but it’s always well-placed. We’d rather have one smart-funny (never just funny) line than a bunch of chuckles throughout a piece of content. And we never settle for easy puns—we’re much smart-funnier than that. The insurance industry is riddled with clichés and expected lines. We pride ourselves on rising above that.

Passion for the craft of writing
Strong writing isn’t just the ability to write a great headline or a descriptive piece of prose. At Root, it’s about clarity and humanity. It’s using great writing and grammar to tell our story in a way that is accurate and easy, often with strict character limits. We constantly ask ourselves how we can say more with fewer words. And we prove it’s possible every day. 

Due to the nature of our business, copy needs will range from serious and empathetic to fun and light; there will be times for creative copy to engage, and times where copy should be simple and straightforward to best achieve app goals. 

Deep empathy for the user
You put every effort into understanding what our customers need. Your background gives you a strong gut about how to solve problems for users. What you don’t know, you learn through qualitative and quantitative research, analyzing previous test results, competitive analysis, and whatever other tools are at your disposal. 

You bias toward action
We want someone who is not only up for a challenge, but seeks them out. We want someone who can thrive as part of a team, but who is also comfortable working independently. Someone who is interested in researching and learning, whether it’s continued education about UX writing or becoming an expert on a new insurance line Root is offering.

You make the complex simple
You have a knack for taking complex concepts and making them accessible to non-experts. You explain empathetically and never talk down to the listener. 

This role reports to the VP of Product Design.

Skill sets required:

  • Grammar expert
  • Tight writer
  • Data lover (Our company was founded on data; our job is to translate that to our potential and current policyholders.)
  • Part-time strategist (Notice it doesn’t say “strategic thinker.” Of course you’re a strategic thinker, but Root writers connect all of their content back to strategy. And if for some reason there isn’t a strategy to be found, they’re quick to get the right people in the room to make it happen.)
  • Self-starter
  • 3+ years of relevant writing/editing experience in a creative, editorial, or marketing environment
  • Strong proofreading skills
  • A solid knowledge of copywriting best practices for mobile development, web, and social
  • A keen business sense for crafting and editing content that performs
  • A deep love of the Oxford comma (happy to support those in transition)

Get in touch

Finding the right people to help us build Root is a top priority. Whether you would like to explore the possibility of working together or simply learn more about the position, we’d love to hear from you!

Apply now
Please provide a PDF of relevant work samples or web link to a portfolio. Applications without a portfolio will not be considered.

We believe diverse teams build better products, and we are looking for people who not only contribute hard skills, but also broad perspectives that challenge us to better serve our customers.

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