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Company: Root is a car insurance company founded on the simple idea that people who drive well are less likely to get in accidents, and that means they should pay less for insurance. With a small initial venture capital investment, Root was faced with the challenge of building the entirety of the technology necessary to run a car insurance carrier from scratch. Through applying techniques to gain significant engineering leverage in the short-term without compromising long-term velocity, the engineering team at Root was able to deliver successfully, creating one of the fastest venture-backed companies to ever reach a billion-dollar valuation. 

Progress: We’ve been in business now for four years. In those four years, we have become the fastest-growing auto insurance company, on a % growth in premium basis. Our most recent round of funding valued us at $3.65B and brought our total VC funding to $523M. In the last year and a half, we have grown our team from 60 to 700.

Embrace the love of the problem.
Question the norm.
Tackle the tough challenges head-on.
Have the uncomfortable conversations.
Ask forgiveness rather than permission. 
Judge on the merits of work.
Celebrate ambitious teamwork.
Lead with empathy. 
Filter the temptation to do the obvious. 
Invest, don’t spend.
Empower the customer to solve.

Culture: Root has been rapidly growing for the last few years. Our early signs of success are in large part due to our unwavering standards in hiring. We recognize that our product is only as good as the people building it. We look for passionate problem solvers who can find solutions by moving through the cycle of ideation to implementation with curiosity and rigor. We work together as one team and expect every team member to lead with empathy and courage.

Position: We are searching for a proven Systems Designer who can own maintaining the systematic integrity of Root’s “One Brand” initiative. The Root brand design system includes: brand guidelines, a UI component library, and other design system documentation as necessary.

Visual Designer, Design Systems will focus primarily on site design, and work collaboratively with Engineering partners, Site Designers, and Product partners to drive adoption—ensuring UI styles are on-brand, cohesive, and appropriate for the sites and products they’re intended for.

This role will join the joinroot.com team in Creative Marketing, and reports to the Art Director.


  • Maintaining and building upon a fully-functional library of beautiful, intuitive, brand-aligned components.
  • Working collaboratively to uncover global patterns, representing a cohesive expression of the Root brand in-market.
  • Driving alignment with design, marketing, product, and engineering teams on a systematic level through active communication and detailed documentation.
  • Defining updates that are appropriately scoped for highest priority needs.
  • Updating existing components as new ones are added.
  • Identifying research opportunities to assess the effectiveness of the design system.
  • Stress-testing the system against different constraints, optimizing, and documenting guidance to support company-wide adoption.


  • 4-6 years as a Systems Designer for digital products, mobile and web
  • Experience designing for web at the enterprise level 
  • A diverse portfolio including interaction and systems design work
  • Experience helping Front-end Engineers and Designers adopt design systems
  • Well-versed in emerging patterns, Atomic Design, design system case studies, and accessibility best practices
  • Experience at designing interfaces across multiple channels and operating systems, including desktop and mobile. 
  • Experience working in tools such as Sketch, Illustrator, InVision and JIRA
  • Basic understanding of web technologies such as HTML and CSSA deep understanding of visual design principles as they apply to user-interface design
  • Experience working with foundational design systems that are built to evolve, working flexibly across marketing and product platforms as a business scales
  • Can speak to the way systems design affect a wide range of media and channels, including: web design, advertising, social media, print, events, and 3D experiences

About You

  • You think strategically about how companies build brands cohesively, and flexibly, according to different user needs
  • You communicate a strong point of view, and also listen actively—knowing how to disagree, and decide.
  • You embrace consistency, leaning on logic, research, testing, and collaboration to determine where discrepancies in the system are justified and meaningful.
  • You mind the details with conscious examination of differences between audiences, geographies, and media channels.
  • You approach design with both form and function in mind, presenting complex ideas with clarity in both aesthetic and systematic choices.
  • You are transparent, and a proactive learner. You seek feedback, and ask questions in the face of ambiguity.
  • You recognize the distinction between a personal design preference, and a systematic design decision that serves a broader goal. 

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