We’re hiring a Business Analytics Manager in Columbus, OH

Root Insurance is the world's first mobile-only, usage-based-insurance-only car insurance company! Located in Columbus, Ohio, Root was founded in 2015 with the goal of solving the following problem: good drivers pay FAR too much for car insurance. If the sensors in your smartphone prove to us that you are a safe driver, then we will give you an unbeatable price, which we can afford to do since we don't sell insurance to dangerous drivers. Other guiding principles at Root are the improvement of UX via extensive testing and the achievement of efficiency through modern technology and paradigms including AI and machine learning.

Business Analytics Manager:

The Business Analytics Manager will be responsible for building and implementing the foundational practices for how Root assesses, measures, and analyzes business opportunities and partnerships. This person should be able to both dig into data and understand the cause behind the data as well as think critically and creatively about how to evaluate new projects and ideas. This person should also be an excellent communicator and project manager, with an eye for detail and how to make every process more efficient. This role will report to the Director of Partnerships.

Onsite and fulltime only

Job responsibilities:

  • Build out the framework and metrics to track the progress of strategic partnerships
  • Create a key metrics dashboard for continuous monitoring and regularly disseminate reports to business stakeholders
  • Analyze business opportunities and present findings and recommendations to senior management
  • Develop and implement operational processes for the business teams

Desired qualifications, skills, and mindset:

  • SQL experience required
  • 4+ years business operations and/or analytics experience
  • Highly analytical with experience leveraging business intelligence tools such as Tableau
  • Strong skills in developing frameworks and efficient business processes
  • Superior problem solving skills with the ability to think strategically and innovatively
  • Detail-oriented; ability to multitask and prioritize projects
  • Roll-up-the-sleeves work ethic and “do what it takes” attitude to effectively execute and drive for results in a fast-paced work environment

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Finding the right people to help us build Root is a top priority. Whether you would like to explore the possibility of working together or simply learn more about the position, we’d love to hear from you!

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Why join Root? Because we believe the best way to move the world forward is the relentless pursuit of ideas. We build things that ought to exist, but would not exist, if we were not building them.

We do this through immense dedication to our craft, an unwavering focus on our fellow human beings, and a maniacal obsession with the quality of our creations. Problems stick in our craw, and we don’t let them go until we solve them. We believe in the scientific process and know that experimentation is the best way to find truth. We don’t hold ideas down no matter how crazy they may seem. We foster them, nurture them, and unceasingly test them. If you are the kind of person that loves tackling big problems with a collaborative group of people until you find solutions, you belong here.