We’re hiring an Android Telematics Engineer in Columbus, OH

The engineering team at Root strives to be one of the most transformative engineering teams ever. We’re changing the way that car insurance works. We’re competing with companies that have been around for a century and comprise a $200B industry—and we’re doing it with an astonishingly small team.

We recently raised one of the largest VC rounds ever for an Ohio technology company, giving us an opportunity to make a large impact. For more on engineering at Root, see https://root.engineering

About the position

Root logs hundreds of thousands of trips and millions of miles a day. The code responsible for this lives primarily on each user’s mobile device. As a telematics engineer you’ll be working to improve or change how we collect, upload, and analyze trips. While a majority of our mobile app is written in React Native, our trip code is written natively in Java on Android

We’re looking for somebody experienced with:

  • Android Development
  • Background execution on mobile devices
  • App lifecycle (foreground, background, etc.)
  • App architecture
  • Methodical, repeatable experimentation

It would also be helpful to have experience with the following, although it’s not required:

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Finding the right people to help us build Root is a top priority. Whether you would like to explore the possibility of working together or simply learn more about the position, we’d love to hear from you!

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