Meet the winners of the Dayton Good Driver Challenge!

We have a winner!

After six weeks of careful turns, smooth stops, and absolutely-no-tailgating, we’re proud to announce that the Best Damn Driver in Dayton is...Joe Niswonger!

And his wife, Rachel Niswonger, who came in second.

Yep, that’s right. The best two drivers in Dayton are married to each other. And we just drove to Dayton to hear their story...and deliver a gigantic trophy.

Winners of the Dayton Challenge

“I heard about Root on TechCrunch last year and signed up to be alerted when it went live on Android,” said Joe, “I don’t know that I even read the details of the contest when I signed up. I actually skipped over the Grand Prize part! We almost never win contests.”

“Then he got a $50 gas card in the mail and he was so shocked!” said Rachel.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! It really worked!’” said Joe, laughing.

It worked, indeed. Along with the very large trophy we gave the Niswongers, we also delivered two checks: Rachel’s Stellar Driving check and the Grand Prize check for $1000.

The Niswongers had been shocked to hear that Joe had won the Grand Prize—and even more surprised that they had finished in first and second place. When asked whether she thought Joe was a good driver, Rachel laughed. “I don’t know about that!”

“She would have said no, but apparently I am!” said Joe.

Joe is a data analyst and and Rachel works in transportation logistics. They’ll use their prize money to visit friends in Pennsylvania and then take their children to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis.

The prize money and trophy weren't the only perks of participating in the challenge, though. At the end of their test drive, the Niswongers got an insurance quote.

And let's just say they were pleased.

“It’s almost 50% off what we currently pay,” said Joe. “We were very happy.”

“It makes the whole thing worth it, just for that,” Rachel agreed. “I mean, if you can save half…"

We couldn’t agree more. And, although this challenge may be finished, Root still has amazing savings for good drivers. Download the Root app now to get started.

Congratulations to the Niswongers on their victory!

Close up of the best drivers in Dayton
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