Arizona, say hello to fair car insurance.

It's hard to believe that it’s only been six months since we officially launched Root Insurance in our home state of Ohio. It’s been a terrific ride. Since the fall of 2016, we’ve gone from an unknown startup to a serious disrupter in the insurance business. We’ve got great press, a growing tribe of members, and an adventurous app button.

And now? We’ve got a new state.

As of today, Root is available to all drivers in the state of Arizona.

Download the Root app now

We won’t lie: this is a big moment for us. While we’re devoted to our home state, we’ve been overwhelmed with requests from all across the country. Are you coming to my state? Will you ever take Root across the country?

Well, today marks the first step in answering those questions with a definitive yes. Yes, we are coming to your state. And yep, we are definitely taking Root nationwide.

This is just the beginning. Root is the future of car insurance. Download the app, follow us on Facebook, and watch us grow.

To get Root in Ohio or Arizona, just download the Root app and take the test drive. Once you’ve finished the drive, we’ll shoot you a quote if you're eligible. A few quick taps in the app and the purchase is complete. Super simple. Your insurance card is right in the app and we’ll even cancel your old policy for you.

It’s innovative, streamlined, and just plain how insurance should be.

Questions? We’ve got answers! (Some of ‘em, anyway.) Check out our FAQ or shoot us a line at We read and think about every email.

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