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The accident

In January 2019, Ellen V. had just gotten a new Nissan Rogue—a lease. It was an icy morning, and she was turning out of her apartment complex to get to work when the ice took hold of her car’s back wheels. “I had to let go of the steering wheel so I didn't make it worse,” Ellen says.

The car slid into the curb and made a huge noise. “I wasn’t even going fast, but I knew it wasn’t a casual slam,” she explains. She got out, and the car physically looked okay, so she started driving again. “Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I didn’t know what had happened.” (After all, she needed to get to work.)

Ellen decided to turn onto the main road and keep driving, despite the ice. But her car “had a mind of its own.” Eventually, she gave in, parked on a side street, and called a tow truck. “I had never been in that situation,” Ellen says.

Root customer support center

The claims experience

It turns out that despite the lack of obvious physical damage, the accident pushed Ellen’s car out of alignment and damaged a tire. “I filed the claim through the Root app, and a very friendly and personable Root claims person named Tyler called me to follow up. He let me know how the process worked and what was next,” Ellen recalls.

Nobody wants to deal with an accident or a car insurance claim. But Ellen understands that sometimes it’s unavoidable.

“At least the people at Root who helped me were kind and accessible. They did what they said they were gonna do and when they would do it. That’s all you can ask for.”

Sometimes accidents are big, and sometimes they’re minor. Even small incidents like Ellen’s can cause a lot of damage and require expensive fixes. That’s why car insurance exists. Ellen says this small issue cost about $3,000. After she paid her deductible, Root covered the rest.

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Why Ellen switched to Root

Even with the hassle and expense of dealing with an accident, Ellen is saving a ton of money from switching to Root. “I was paying $140 a month with Progressive before Root,” Ellen explains, “and my rate kept going up every year—it didn’t make sense!”

Ellen admits that when she was in college, she wasn’t the best driver. But then she went through a long period of great driving. “I hated being put into a box—I’m a woman, I was 25 (then).” Ellen hated paying a car insurance rate based on her demographics. “I really liked Root’s business model of being rated on more than my demographics. Now, I’m saving $50 a month with Root.”

Since Ellen is from Columbus, OH—where Root was founded and is headquartered—she also has pride in Root and what the company stands for. “I’m proud of where our city is at right now. Someone here had an idea, and that idea was able to be harvested right here,” Ellen beams. “Root is outpacing some of the biggest companies in the country. And I wanted to be a part of that.”

Thanks for trying us out, Ellen. We’re glad to have you as a Root customer.

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