Root Actuarial Fellowship

Root Actuarial Fellowship Program

We’ll give you $15,000 to leave your job and study for your FCAS

Join the Root Actuarial Fellowship program.

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Quit your job. Study for your FCAS. We’ll help cover your time off.

We know balancing actuarial exams and work is hard. With Root’s Actuarial Fellowship program, we’re giving you a chance to study for your FCAS—distraction free—plus a full-time actuary role after you take your exam.

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How the program works

  1. Apply for the program.

    We’re looking for applicants within 1 exam of their FCAS.

  2. Interview (and accept a job) with Root.

    Let’s make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

  3. Study for your exams (while we pay your bills).

    We provide a $15,000 stipend so your focus is studying, not working.

  4. Take your exam.

    We’ll also cover your exam fees if you pass.

  5. Come work for us.

    No matter the outcome, you’ll join Root’s actuary team.

Work for Root while working towards your FCAS designation
Become a fellow actuary while Root supports you

What we’re looking for

  1. Within 1 exam of FCAS designation

  2. 5 years of P&C actuarial insurance experience

  3. 3 years of pricing insurance experience

  4. Demonstrable experience in constructing pricing models from scratch

  5. Demonstrable expertise in statistics/applied mathematics

  1. Experience with modeling in R, Python or other modeling software packages

  2. Intermediate experience in SQL/PostgreSQL or other database software packages

  3. Critical thinking skills

Why Root?

At Root, we’ve built pricing and risk models from the ground up. But we’re not done. There’s always statistical challenges to face—and our team takes collaboration head on. You won’t sit on the sidelines here. Our actuaries have the analytical creative freedom to problem solve, build our culture, and help the company make business decisions. (Also, our Actuarial team is killer at karaoke.)

The perks of working at Root

  1. Family wellness.

    We cover 100% of premiums on our base plan for employees and 75% for dependents.

  2. Healthy lunches.

    Five times a week we cater healthy lunch choices for everybody in the office who’s interested.

  1. The latest technology.

    Always have the latest and greatest phone with an annual upgrade reimbursement.

  2. Flexible vacation policy.

    We trust everybody to get work done and manage their own work/life balance.

Actuary Program FAQ

  1. So is the “Actuarial Fellow” my title at Root?

    It will only be your position title while you study for your exam. During the interview process for the fellowship, we’ll feel out where your skills best align within the team. Then we’ll work together to determine your title and role for when you are full time.

  2. Am I technically an employee during my study sabbatical?

    Yes! You’ll have all of our employee benefits during your fellowship, including medical, vision, and dental insurance, our 401k contribution match, and cell phone reimbursement program.

  3. Do I have to live in Columbus during my sabbatical?

    No, but you’re welcome to! If you’re not already in Columbus, we’ll provide an additional stipend to assist with relocation. If you’re in Columbus during the fellowship, you’ll have access to our office and all of its amenities, including a lounge area to study, gym access, and catered breakfasts and lunch.

  4. So what happens if I don’t pass my exam?

    Nothing. Failing the exam does not eject you from the program. You’ll still join the Root team and keep your stipend.